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Deb Barry


Let's not forget as time passes and these horrific incidents fade from memory that we must be constantly vigilant and pro-active in this challenge to address the hate which is the underlying cause of so much intolerance...and to address the fear which is the underlying cause of so much hate.
The atrocities in Darfur have gone on for too many years. When I see photos and video coming out of Darfur and talk with people who have been there to personally witness the results of the brutality of this genocide...I don't know what to think. While the world has taken some notice of what is taking place there, it hasn't been enough.
"Hate"...a word that is used very casually by most of us in our daily lives..."I hate having to get up so early in the morning."...."I hate broccoli."...."I hate the cold." "I hate it when it's so hot."...."I hate paying bills."....Used in these ways, the word is fairly innocuous, although it does contribute to the loss of power the word has in other situations, particularly when directed toward another person or group of people.
Seeing, hearing, talking with Jean Paul always leaves me with much to think about. He always leaves me at peace and re-energizes me personally and with my work. Hate...fear...anger...they're all destructive.